Built & Spaces is committed to promoting sustainability in a way which will lead the industry into the future! We understand the range of impacts construction and associated site activities has on communities.

Built & Spaces’ policy requires that all sub-contractors / suppliers appointed to undertake works & supply products / materials, must commit to protect the environment. They do this through sound practices that reduce waste generation, minimise risk to the environment and preserve energy.

We aim to follow and promote good sustainability, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of all our process's and helps our clients and partners alike strive to achieve the same.

In order to promote sustainability Built & Spaces will take the following actions:

  1. Specify and procure sustainable materials (A-Rate & certified such as FSC timber).
  2. Appoint and assess supply chain partners based on sustainability performance.
  3. Identify opportunities to reuse and recycle resources prior to work commencing.
  4. Reduce waste to landfill and support Zero Waste initiatives through SWMPs.
  5. Investigate how much waste we generate, using segregation to enable higher rates of recycling.
  6. Ensure that all electrical & mechanical systems supplied & fitted, in combination with insulation supplied to all elements of the building fabric, will achieve the best possible Energy Performance Rating – targeting to an EPC Score of ‘A’.
  7. Arrange automatic shutdown of PC’s and on-site electrical equipment at an agreed time each evening.
  8. Use environmentally friendly products in canteen & toilet areas.

Climate Change and Energy:

  1. Communicate, train and incentivise staff to adopt energy efficient practices.
  2. Regularly service and maintain warehouse and machinery to optimise low emission rates.
  3. Set photocopiers, printers and scanners to B&W double sided as default.
  4. Ensure continued roll out of electronic records document management system and online services initiatives to reduce need for paper.

Creating Sustainable Communities.

  1. Provide a safe & healthy working environment with appropriate education & training.
  2. Liaise and engage local communities and stakeholders in a responsible manner.
  3. Achieve above the average industry standard for Considerate Constructors Scheme.
  4. Purchase fair-trade and ethically certified products to support global communities.

Built & Spaces understand that there is a constant requirement for improvement on sustainable practices. Therefore, we strive to improve in the following ways:

  1. Work with our staff, customers and sub-contractors to make all of our building’s operations as environmentally friendly as we can.
  2. Reduce waste created and, where possible, to reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials.
  3. To use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  4. Analyse how people travel to and from our sites; encouraging shared vehicles, public transport and cycling to work.
  5. Review what we buy; sourcing goods with low environmental impact and working with local suppliers.
  6. Manage and reduce water consumption.
  7. Reduce our carbon footprint through prudent use of fossil fuels (through energy conservation, management and efficiency within buildings) and to switch to low-carbon fuel alternatives where possible.
  8. Frequently review our current Environmental Policy and Action Plan.

Built & Spaces - Operating Safely in Uncertain Times

As any of our UK based customers will know, the United Kingdom is currently under national lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We would like to inform all of our site visitors that as always, we continue to operate safely in these uncertain times. All of our office based staff members have relocated to working from home and our warehouse continue to operate as normal with Covid safe guidelines in place. Unfortunately our warehouse showroom will not be open to visitors at this current time. Once the lockdown is officially over, we will reopen our showroom to viewings by booking in a safe and controlled manner. We look forward to meeting you in the future.


~ The B&S Team

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